Pawnee pecans are a newer variety that is harvested early in the season.  Pawnees are usually harvested at the end of September and the beginning of October.  The nut meat has a nice golden color and a rich buttery taste.  It has become a favorite of many of our customers.  We only sell Pawnee in the shell and they are usually sold out by Thanksgiving.


Desirable pecans have a relatively thin shell and are easy to crack.  Desirable nut meat has a good flavor with a large kernel. Their good color is retained during roasting, making Desirable one of the best varieties for roasting.  They are often called "Mammoth" for their large size.


Elliot pecans have a small round hard shell.  The Elliot variety is one of the most flavorful pecans and a favorite with Georgia Pecan Growers.  Elliot pecans produce an oilier meat than other varieties.


Schley (pronounced "sly") pecans have a thin shell which makes them easier to crack.  Schley nut meat has an outstanding flavor and an attractive, uniform appearance.  They are often called "Paper Shell" because of their thin shell.


Stuart pecans are one of the oldest and well known varieties in Georgia.  Stuarts are a medium sized pecan with a moderately thick shell. The nut meat has a firm texture with a rich delicate flavor.